Got Iron?

You would know by the smell, taste, and even the stains left behind.

Untreated versus Treated pipes

Water is tough stuff; it dissolves even rocks over time!  A Water softener is designed to help pull and filter the impurities that those dissolved rocks leave behind, including iron.  Thus creating an all-around better drinking, bathing, cooking and cleaning experience!

Here at Aqua Mech, we’ve been working with homeowners and businesses with their water needs for over 20 years.  Our team is certified by the Water Quality Association, a testament to our dedication to providing the highest levels of service in the most ethical ways possible.  We use only trusted products from trusted manufacturers, and commit ourselves to educating our clients about what truly clean water can do for their health and happiness.

Water Conditioner vs. Water Softener

There are some differences between a water conditioner and a water softener.  Both are designed to remove sediments and contaminants.  A water conditioner, however, does NOT remove the minerals which make your water hard, like calcium and iron.  A water conditioner is great if you don’t have hard water, but still want to improve what comes out of your tap.  Quality water softening systems are designed to provide your home with better tasting, purer drinking water, while also removing the various undesirable elements that may be present in hard water, including iron, calcium, sediment and rust. The other benefits of installing one of our water softener systems include:

  • Water that lathers more easily in the shower.
  • An easier shave.
  • Fewer water spots on plates or shower doors.
  • A reduction in soap scum.
  • Healthier skin and hair (minerals can clog your pores and weigh your hair down).
  • A reduction in scaling, which cuts down on your need for a descaler product (also called a salt-less water softener).

Salt-Less Solutions – The Iron Breaker

The Iron Breaker  controls the iron and Hydrogen Sulfide (Odor causing compound) in your homes water and:

  • Stops iron stains from occurring.
  • Provides clean, odor free water.
  • Protects plumbing fixtures, appliances and clothing and extends their life.
  • Protects pipes from iron clogging and black oxidation caused by Hydrogen Sulfide.
  • Eliminates the need for chemical feed treatment systems!
Saltless Verses Salt Water Softeners

Choosing a water softener can be difficult; whether you have well or city water, we’re serious about helping our clients get the clean, healthy water they deserve at a price that’s right for them.  We’ve dedicated our lives to educating ourselves and the people we serve about the benefits of truly clean water.

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