One Size Doesn’t Fit All.

Well, this is what my neighbor has? Can’t you just give me a quote over the phone? These are questions we hear on a daily basis, and boy do we wish we could!

Unfortunately, there’s more to water treatment than people tend to think.  A doctor cannot effectively diagnose your symptoms without seeing you, the same surgery or treatment that worked for your neighbor might not work for you.  Water treatment equipment works the same exact way. When it comes to  effectively diagnosing or sizing water softeners, filtration systems, drinking water systems for your home, we need several things: 

  • A recent water quality lab report (if you have one). This gives us a complete picture of the water quality at your home.
  • To schedule a free water test of the raw and treated water that runs through your specific home.
  • To gather all of the specifications at the location I.E. plumbing sizes, Horsepower of the well pump etc. 
  • To speak to you regarding your family’s water usage: How many bathrooms, how many people in the house, is there irrigation at the home and will that be treated as well? etc.
  • To speak to you in regards to what you would like removed from your water. Different systems remove different contaminants so as you see, one size doesn’t fit all.

A unit that is not properly sized can wreak havoc on your home causing:

  • Staining in your sinks, toilets, and bathtubs, washing machines, and even the clothing inside of it.
  • Clogging the plumbing lines with iron and other minerals.
  • Turning your hair colors and making your skin feel itchy or dry!

This is why we recommend setting an appointment with a certified water treatment specialist. With a visit to your home, we can effectively quote what your home, water, and family needs to meet your specific water concerns.

Serving Ocean, Monmouth, Mercer & Burlington Counties, N.J.


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