How much is water worth?

Is it possible to put a monetary value on clean water?  Depending on what your definition of clean water is, that cost can vary greatly.  Consider both municipal and personal well water systems for our homes, some of us may have experienced what it’s like to have no water and then have to wait for repairs.What is it like when you have poor quality water like boil water advisories or equipment failure? Having clean drinkable water is something we all take for granted.  The value is not taken into consideration until we do not have it.

Let’s look at city/municipal water: the average cost for a NJ family of 4 that uses approximately 100 gallons per person per day is roughly $65-$72 depending on your provider. That water has been treated by the municipality to remove bacterias and other contaminants, but there are contaminants and chlorine or chloramines left behind. Do you drink the water straight from your tap or do you further filter via a pitcher or from your refrigerator? How often do you replace your filters?  Have you been able to find filters lately? Have the prices increased greatly?    Some families/ homes treat their municpal water with whole house filtration to remove hardness, others to remove chlorine/chloramines, others use a point of use system. To help determine what your family needs specifically, look up exactly what’s in your NJ municipality’s water supply by zip code. Simply click here to find out!

Now a private well on the other hand, you are your own treatment facility!   We recommend having a complete water test done via a private lab every three to five years. Those prices can vary depending on the testing facility utilized.  Is your water compliant with the Safe Water Drinking Act that’s necessary when considering buying or selling a home with a well? Then there’s aesthetics which provide clues about your waters’ health and cleanliness. Do you see staining?  Does your water smell? These are easily solved with the right water treatment equipment. While we’re talking about your filtration system, we also recommend annual preventative maintenance to keep it at optimal performance (again costs can vary depending on your NJ water treatment service provider).  This may include some parts and repairs along the way that can also vary in price depending on whether you have a water softener, neutralizer, drinking water system or all of the above! Need a new system? That depends entirely on your water usage and your lab results so he cost can vary from home to home (see One Size Doesn’t Fit All

All in all, it boils down to what you are willing to put up with: red or orange staining, blue green staining, white spots on dishes and shower doors, build up in appliances, dry itchy skin, unmanageable hair.  Your water can be as good as you want to make it whether you are living on municipal water or on a well.


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