Bottle-less Water Coolers

Help our planet one bottle at a time.

Filtered bottle-less water coolers are a more convenient alternative to traditional water delivery services.

Replace Bottled Water Delivery

No more delivery fees and bottle exchanges!

Office water cooler NJArtesian Reliable and Economical

– Available in Hot and Cold. –

– Stainless Steel Reservoir –

– Handle on back enables easy transport & placement. –

– Dual mechanical float system with back-up safety (operates even when the power is out). –

– Stainless steel hot tank. –

– Energy Star Certified! –

Office Water Cooler NJ

Aqua Bar II – Contemporary Design & Innovative Features

– Tri-Temp: Hot, Cook & Cold. –

– 4 Gallon storage reservoir, perfect for reverse osmosis & filter applications. –

– Large faucet alcove for filling sports bottles and carafes. –

– Dual electrical float system with back-up safety. –

 – Energy Star Certified! –

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