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Clack WS1EE – Water Softener

 Service flow 28 gpm, backwash flow 15 gpm with meter and bypass installed.
• Solid state microprocessor with easy access front panel settings.
• Front panel display for time of day, days until next regeneration, volume remaining, current flow rate & total volume     used (Totalizer), and ‘Tank in Service’ indication.
• Four methods to initiate regeneration; meter immediate, meter delayed, time clock delayed or pressure differential.
• Optional double backwash feature offers optimum regeneration, cleaning ability and efficiency.
• Adjustable cycle times with 6-cycle control delivers controlled backwash, down flow brining/slow rinse, second backwash, fast rinse, refill and downflow service.
• Coin Cell Lithium battery back-up with a 8 hour carry over.
• Backwash and brining ability to 21” diameter tanks.
• Downflow or upflow brining regeneration.
• 12-volt output AC Adapter provides safe and easy installation.
• Treated/Soft water post fill and regeneration cycles.
• Patented one piece expanding seal spacer stack assembly U.S. Patent 6,402,944.
• Patented linearly reciprocating piston operation U.S. Patent 6,444,127.
• Reliable and proven DC drives.

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