Denise Carabetta, CWR

Hi, I’m Denise, the “Residential Water Consultant” and “Certified Water Treatment Representative” certified through the WQA (Water Quality Association) My goal and passion is to assist & educate consumers/homeowners in helping them understand & achieve a better, cleaner, quality of water while at the same time creating sustainability.  I live locally and have been on a well for 20 yrs.

 So whether you are:

  • selling your home and looking to prep for the “NJEPA Certified Lab Test”
  • in need to remediate a failure from the lab test
  • interested in a consult “just bought a house”
  • experiencing bad taste/odors, stains, hard water, dry skin & more…
  • looking to upgrade your system/improve the quality
  • simply ready to “get off the “plastic bottle” go green
  • looking to remove chlorine & disinfectant byproducts

After some fact finding,  water testing, and reviewing the lab test together we will create the perfect water treatment solution that fits you and your family’s specific needs and most of all  NJEPA SDWA, (safe drinking water act requirements).

I look forward to meeting you!