A pressure tank is used in well water applications to provide a consistent amount of water pressure into the household.  The well pump pulls water from the ground and into the pressure tank for storage, so your well pump doesn’t run every time you turn on the faucet.  The inside of a pressure tank consists of an air bladder to aid in providing proper pressure to your home.  If you notice your pump consistently turning on every time you run water, your pump may be short cycling potentially due to an air bladder gone bad.

Ordinarily, pressure tanks operate with pressure ranging from 40-60psi.  This means when the level of water in the pressure tank drops below 40 psi this causes the well pump to start pulling more water into the pressure tank until the tank reaches 60psi again.  This fluctuation in water pressure is something people coming from municipal water may not be accustomed to, as municipal water applications usually have a steady pressure around 70psi. The size of your pressure tank pressure tank can vary depending on factors such as pump size, water usage, bathrooms, etc.

Well To Tx Pressure Tank Equipment

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