A Reverse Osmosis drinking water system is the highest filtration system we offer.  The system has a series of different types of filters that water passes through before it reaches the faucet.  First the water goes through sediment filter where any loose/larger contaminants are removed ranging from 5-30 microns.  Next the water goes through a carbon filter where Chlorines and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) are removed.  After this, the next stage is the reverse osmosis membrane, where water is forced through a membrane approximately 0.0001 micron rating in size.  This membrane is small enough to remove dissolved solids such as copper, lead, radium, sulfates, etc. as well as bacteria and viruses!  In some systems, a final post carbon filter is used as a polisher for taste before it is sent to your faucet.  Because the membrane in this system is so fine, the makeup of RO water takes time.  Along with your system, a storage tank is supplied so a reserve of RO makeup water can be ready to use when you turn on your faucet.

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