Everyone can benefit from fully filtered water! Think of a whole house water filter like an insurance policy: it’s there to protect you from impurities too small to be caught in a standard pitcher filter, and contaminants too dangerous to be continuously ingested and absorbed. Aqua Mech offers a wide variety of water filtration systems that correct iron levels, taste, odor, sediment, blue green stains, excess chlorine, contamination and much much more.

Installing a whole house water filter once helps you avoid buying new, disposable filters every other month. This cuts back on the amount of money you spend in the long-run, as well as the amount of waste you produce – a very environmentally friendly way to live!

Systems are installed with state of the art technology and high quality craftsmanship. Along with its ease of operation, the superior design of these units assures their efficiency and low maintenance. Some systems require regenerants, while others require a simple backwashing to maintain quality water. These can either be installed as stand alone units or combined into a multi-purpose system depending on your specific needs and uses.

Water Filtration Systems for Every Home

Most homeowners buy a water filtration system because they have well water, and they want to get rid of the iron that’s in the water.  But people with city water run the risk of ingesting unhealthy water too – in fact, their risk might be greater!  This is because city water is treated with chemicals and are prone to produce chlorine by-products, which are known carcinogens!  When the chemical breaks down, it poses a serious threat to your health.  That’s where we come in.  Aqua Mech has spent over 20 years helping people with contaminated water get healthier.  You will work one-on-one with a water treatment specialist to determine what your needs are and how we can best serve you.  We offer a wide variety of water filtration and treatment services, including:

  • Water softeners and conditioners for hard water.
  • Whole house water filtration systems for point of entry (where the water enters your house) that remove impediments in your taps and in your irrigation systems.
  • Reverse osmosis systems for your drinking water right from your tap (or any specific location, known as point of use).
  • Bottle-less water cooler systems that eliminate the expense of buying bottled water once and for all, and cut down on your use of plastics

Reverse Osmosis, Filters, Softeners and So Much More

If you’re looking for a water filter that does more than the average pitcher, it’s time to consider a reverse osmosis system.  Never heard of reverse osmosis? That’s okay, most people haven’t so we make sure you understand what this kind of water filtration system does – and how it can help you get cleaner, safer drinking water.  We’re passionate about educating people about the benefits of clean water, and helping them choose the right system for their needs.